All in On Photography

Kathleen Bomani + Zoé Samudzi

I’m new to the world of the archive, a world where you dig through text and images in an attempt to excavate some new or previously rejected truth. Kathleen Bomani is not. Our work became entwined with one another's through our shared attempts to find answers to questions about Germany that history and relationships to communities have guided us towards. And also questions we didn’t know to ask.

Getting Closer

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state we’ve an obsession with (and aversion to) intimacy. My own curiosity emerges from an admittedly unsettled place, the unsettled place within which formative knowing and loving of my sexual self emerged: through non-platonic interactions with (and, early on, unrequited desire for) white men.

Seeing is Believing

Forgoing fear of risking rhetorical and political self-ghettoization, Black seeing becomes an act of historical correction as revision: a countering of falsehoods and reasserting of truths as/when it presents a negotiation of public imagination(s) and a construction of gazes in service of a desire for justice.