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Noise + Thirst

Noise + Thirst is a video installation by Leila Weefur. It presents Blackness as an inhabitant of the space between noise & silence and thirst & satisfaction. The accompanying sound collage, a gestalt of Black masculinity, asks how closely must we scrutinize our Blackness to bear witness to a naturally occurring contrast?

Interview with Sam Vernon

The things that I care about have shifted over the years. I think that there's something about the blackberry that's very elegant. But it can also leave a stain, you know, it can leave traces of what it was after it's already been consumed, and I think that that's all that we can really ask for as creators, is that after we're gone, that there's something left of us.

Interview with Elena Gross

I feel like my whole life I’ve been reconstructing my body. I’ve had all these aspirational fantasies about who I want to be, and who I want to look like, and how I want to be perceived. But deconstructing that has felt like realizing that who I want to be/look like/be perceived as is not how I am being perceived. So, I’m instead trying to mold myself more into the person I actually am.