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Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson is rolling a blunt on live television. Tonight’s the opening reception for the group show Forever, a Moment: Black Meditations on Time and Space at San Francisco’s SOMArts, and the dorm-sized Zenith rests atop the middle of several stands, each holding a copy of Wilson’s loose leaf poetry…

Living in Shadows of Truth

On May 13, 1985, the Philadelphia police with FBI support threw an improvised bomb of C4 and Tovex TR2 (a dynamite proxy) on top of a building they knew to be filled with men, women, and children of the radical Black Power organization, MOVE. The explosion and subsequent fire destroyed dozens of homes and resulted in eleven deaths, including five adults and five children, some as young seven years old. Not a single member of Philadelphia’s city government was criminally charged for their complicity in the bombings.

Across multiple states, universities, and eras of self

The Thursday night crowd packed Oakland’s East Bay Booksellers to hear the poetry of one of their own. A framed painting of a bald bearded man hugging an even taller fish somewhere in a far away field of magical daisies looms behind and above the empty brown podium. Rows of folded chairs are slalomed by small kids and the elders eyeing them.