Living in Shadows of Truth

On May 13, 1985, the Philadelphia police with FBI support threw an improvised bomb of C4 and Tovex TR2 (a dynamite proxy) on top of a building they knew to be filled with men, women, and children of the radical Black Power organization, MOVE. The explosion and subsequent fire destroyed dozens of homes and resulted in eleven deaths, including five adults and five children, some as young seven years old. Not a single member of Philadelphia’s city government was criminally charged for their complicity in the bombings.

Noise + Thirst

Noise + Thirst is a video installation by Leila Weefur. It presents Blackness as an inhabitant of the space between noise & silence and thirst & satisfaction. The accompanying sound collage, a gestalt of Black masculinity, asks how closely must we scrutinize our Blackness to bear witness to a naturally occurring contrast?

Getting Closer

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state we’ve an obsession with (and aversion to) intimacy. My own curiosity emerges from an admittedly unsettled place, the unsettled place within which formative knowing and loving of my sexual self emerged: through non-platonic interactions with (and, early on, unrequited desire for) white men.

Notes from an Invasive Species

IT IS JUNE 2018, and I am spending nearly a month at an artist residency on the Mendocino coast, a four hour drive north of my apartment in San Francisco. The title and ethos here is this will take time, and this line sits heavy and resonant with me for this nebulous stretch that often feels immeasurable.

Gutter Boys by Alvin Orloff

It was an Edenic time sexually: you could literally fuck whomever you wanted and the worst that could happen is that you’d get “the clap” or crabs, or wind up with a Reaganite prettyboy boring you about the stock market.