Jordan Karnes


On Photography

Zoé Samudzi


Avery Trufelman Reviews Every Shirt

Avery Trufelman


Blackberry Archives

Leila Weefur


Art as Queer Church

Juliana Delgado Lopera


From Issue 5:

When I was contacted to do this keynote on how QTPOC use art as a form of healing, resilience, and empowerment to manifest action, I thought, Mami, how long do I have? I’m supposed to break down the brilliance of my people in minutes? Our brilliance covers centuries. But there’s nobody with that kind of attention span anymore. So I’m giving you a microwave talk. La puntica cariño, la puntica no más para que vuelvan por más.

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The Burl Concentrate

Sarah-Dawn Albani & Connie Zheng


From Issue 5:

The task at hand is absurd—an entire forest needs to be dismantled, the bulk of three towns. We watch the quiet human forms in white hazmat suits, masks obscuring their faces, bent over their work filling ridiculously tiny white plastic bags with debris, sealed up with heavy blue tape laid out in rows. They are working near a small white tent with the word “asbestos” on it and move so deliberately through the ash that they appear to be studying the dangerous inflammable objects they have been sent to retrieve.

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