New Life Quarterly

Exploring the Intersections of Art and Community

I particularly enjoy the “People” section, which features mini-profiles of cultural figures out and about in the world…The conceit generates a natural immediacy and often produces compelling scenes.
— Daniel Gumbiner, "The Believer"

New Life Quarterly is the literary, arts and culture magazine from Wolfman Books. A full-color print magazine and online hub exploring the intersections of art and community, New Life is a vibrant platform for uplifting and creating dialogue between a diverse selection of underrepresented writers and artists, highlighting the exuberant, overlooked, experimental margins. It celebrates intersectional artistic communities and unexpected social connections, digging into the complex conversations and practices artists of all sorts are engaging in.

Each issue of New Life Quarterly features profiles, columns, reviews, conversations, features, as well as selected poetry, fiction, and art portfolios. Our profiles are slice-of-life portraits, meet-ups, and walkabouts with artists capturing moments of process and unexpected connections. Our columns feature a rotating assortment of journalists, artists, and writers on critical topics ranging from women in sports to Blackness and photography, queer Latinx social histories to the social history of textiles through individual t-shirts. And the reviews in New Life Quarterly, rather than a standard review section for new releases, are based on a curated selection of books by a well-known author, which are then reviewed by a wide array of writers, exploring the individual and communal aspects of reading itself.

Frequent Columnists

Avery Trufelman (99% Invisible), Jordan Karnes (It Hasn’t Stopped Being California Here), Leila Weefur (Art Practical & The Black Aesthetic), Zoé Samudzi (As Black As Resistance, AK Press), Juliana Delgado Lopera (RADAR Productions, ¡Cuéntamelo!), and The Burl Concentrate.

Reviews Curators

Rachel Khong (Goodbye, Vitamin), Tongo Eisen-Martin (Heaven Is All Goodbyes), Colin Winnette (The Job of the Wasp), Brontez Purnell (Since I Laid My Burden Down), and Tommy Orange (There, There).

Featured Artists

Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Marcela Pardo Ariza, Muzae Sesay, Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Samantha Maria Espinoza, Abdullah Shakur, Jade Ariana Fair, Dionne Lee, and PJ Gubatina Policarpio.


Wolfman Books

A Bookstore, Small Press, and Community Arts Hub


Wolfman Books opened in downtown Oakland in 2014 with the mission of creating a sustainable home for Oakland’s vibrant underground culture — a place where diverse and underrepresented artists and writers could gather to experiment, participate, and incubate new projects in an environment of joy and genuine connection.

Since then we have become a gathering ground and focal point for Bay Area literary and arts culture, regularly hosting over a hundred readings, performances, talks, music shows, podcast releases, community meetings, and workshops a year, while publishing Wolfman Books and New Life Quarterly.

Our storefront and publications have been featured locally, nationally and internationally in publications such as The Believer, New York Magazine, LA Review of Books, amadeus, SF Chronicle, KQED, Art in America, East Bay Express, Design Sponge, Travel+Leisure, and Best American Non-Required Reading, and have received awards from Southern Exposure and The City of Oakland Cultural Funding Program.


Distribution & Reach

New Life Quarterly is distributed nationally by Small Press Distribution and Small Changes Inc. in the Northwest. It is stocked in hundreds of locations throughout the US, including bookstores, museums, galleries, and other retail outlets, with a current print run of 1,200 copies.

Email Newsletter: 1,700+ subscribers

Average Web Traffic: 2,000/mo

Social Media

Instagram: @wolfman_books / 3,300+ followers

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New Life Quarterly

Frequent Contributors

Avery Trufelman, Jordan Karnes, Leila Weefur, Zoé Samudzi, Juliana Delgado Lopera, Leora Fridman, Pia Cortez, Blair Johnson, Kevin Killian, Charlie Macquarie, Margaret McCarthy, Louise McCune, Claire Mullen, Amy Berkowitz, Eric Sneathen, Helen Shewolfe Tseng, José Vadi, Jennifer Williams, Ali Giordani, Hannah Kingsley-Ma, Amy Langer, Ra Malika Imhotep, Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta, Miranda Tsang, Claire Stringer, Liza St. James, Rita Bullwinkel, Nicole Lavelle, Coco Spencer, Vreni Michelini Castillo, Jamie Townsend, Dorothy R. Santos.

Founder & Director

Justin Carder


Tara Marsden

Arts Editor

Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo

Reviews Editor

Jacob Kahn



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